Data backup

There is a distinction to be made between....

  • the app, which can be reinstalled at any time and
  • of the data (working directory), but these should be backed up regularly.



The app is installed on a device and does not usually contain any digital content. The app can thus be updated independently of the data.

With PC and Mac operating systems, the app can even be deleted and reinstalled without losing the data.

With Tablet operating systems, the app is updated via Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore. On PC and Mac, the app checks if there is an update on startup and enables the automatic upgrade of the software.

Data (Working directory)

The downloaded content (ebooks) is being managed in the working directory (workspace). That is also where personal data like notes, bookmarks, markings, solutions to exercises, own pages and inserted links are saved. 

On Windows or Mac computers the working directory is by default set to the folder AppData/Roaming. This directory can be relocated (e.g. to a network folder) by the settings within the app or by a configuration file. Operating systems for mobile devices keep the working directory linked closely to the app. Still, digital content can be updated or removed independent from own data. The working directory can never the less be saved with iTunes/iCloud or Google Backup.


Manual backup

The working directory can be backed up. On tablets with iTunes/iCloud or Google Backup. On PC/Mac by a menu function of the App. You can also manually archive the following directories/files:

  • beook/data (Datei .sqlite)
  • beook/MyData

Licenses do not have to be filed. Licenses are loaded anew with each successful login.


Backup via Cloud

With the Cloud Function you always have an automatic backup of your data.