Working directory

The beook app for Windows/Mac uses a working directory independ from the installation directory.

All installed ebooks, annotations, bookmarks and solved exercises are saved in the working directory. The licenses are also being filed there.

By default this working directory is located in:

Windows: C:\User\Username\AppData\Roaming\beook
Mac: /Users/Username/beook

Note that AppData under Windows is a hidden folder that you must first display in the File Manager settings.


Set working directory

From Version 1.9  Windows/Mac upwards the working directory can be moved, saved or restored under Menu/App/preferences/Working directory.

RCP Mac Einstellungen Backup/Arbeitsverzeichnis  

  1. Export/Backup: Browse storage location and click «Export/Backup» to save important information e.g. to an USB stick.
  2. Restore: in case of loss of important data or the need to return to a previous state, or to reuse data on another device, select a backup folder and click "restore". All data in the current working directory will thereby be replaced by the backup.
  3. Set working directory: The third option lets you define a different location for your working directory. Data won't be moved. This allows you to work with a different state of progress (e.g. two classes) and at any given moment return to the previous state.
  4. Move working directory. The last option is designed to relocate the whole content of your working directory. E.g. to a different drive or USB stick.