Installation Mac OS X-EN

Installation Mac OS X

  1. Click on the following link
    Installation program: beook_mac64_install_4.4.3.dmg
    beook_mac64_install_3.6.2.dmg (previous version)
    and download the file on your desktop. 
  2. Open the installation program double-clicking on the drive icon image. (the image has now been linked as drive to your computer)
  3. In the window which has turned up you can now drag the symbol of the beook app into the "applications" folder.
  4. The beook app has been installed on your computer. You may start by searching for the app with the Finder tool via "applications" or by clicking on the "launch pad". 
    Caution: should a security advice from Gatekeeper appear, please confirm it (for further informations see also Installation problems Max OS X).
  5. After finishing the installation you may eject the disk image by right mouse click and delete the .dmg file. 
  6. In order to activate your purchased ebooks log in with your activation code, username and password. Further informations on the activation process can be found on the license certificate you have obtained from your publisher.

Please pay attention to the instructions on the  Installation problems Max OS X page and the System requirements Mac OS X. Proceed with purchase ebook, login.